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Nica Professional Make Up is home tosome of the best-known industry brands for the Beauty, TV, Film, Theatre andSpecial Effect industry.

The store was created by a team ofprofessional make-up artists for a niche market in Asia as a result from theirpersonal experience where they constantly found the un-availability of certain specializeproducts required for specific use in Asia and had to source them from furtherafield. The make-up industry today has increased with popularity with beautyand prosthetic, the demand for special effect make-up for high qualitytechnologically advanced specialized products is at an all time high. They sawthat the increasing demand for these products. Hence Nica Professional Make Up wasestablished to satisfy that demand for the local market. It is our goal to growand improve to give the artist as much choice as possible.

We specialize in all aspects of make-upstarting from our beauty make-up from Los Angeles - Make Up Designory to therealms of prosthetics products from UK based Mouldlife.

All the products available at NicaProfessional Make Up have been tried and tested by our professional team and haveseen the benefits of each product and known that the products have been used byworld leading make-up artists and special effects artists throughout theentertainment industry.

Some of the leading brands we haveavailable are:-

Make Up Designory ( MUD ) – Creating honest make-up products and providing educationFor the Post decade. MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawlessapplication and radiantly accurate color. They conduct rigorous testing fortheir line of products through industry experts and up-and-coming makeup artiststo ensure they meet professional standards for today and tomorrow.

Cinema Secrets – Founded in Burbank, CAin 1985 by professional makeup artist Maurice Stein, Cinema Secrets ProCosmetic was created to provide pigment rich and corrective makeup product forfilm and television.

Ben Nye – Makeup is a family ownedcompany dedicated to serving professionalthroughout the world

Iwata – they are the most trusted namein the industry and always pushing their products to new pinnacles ofperformance, also Temptu, Kett and TSZ has gained credits within the field ofairbrushing generating some winning color combinations and products.

Skin Illustrator – began with a systemof fleshtone colors and since added effects and fantasy colors that run the vaneof need within a wide range of makeup fields and situations

Telesis – they are at the forefront ofproviding adhesives, thinners and removers for facial hair.  All their products have been tested byindependent labs for dermal irritation

Pros aide – has been used for specialeffects in thousands of projects in film, stage and TV work; it was originallydeveloped and is still in use by physicians and patients worldwide, for longterm adhesion of maxillofacial prosthetics

Mouldlife – Supplying mould-making,sculpting, life casting and tools. Their silicone items are their most popularproducts within the special effect industry



Also some of the many otherinternational branded products we currently have in stock are as follows:-

·      Foamlatex prosthetics pieces

·      Blood

·      FacialHair from wigs, beards and mustaches

·      Faketeeth

·      Gelatin

·      Varioussponges