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Monica Lee Face Art academy

Monica Lee Face Art Academy is home to some of the well-known professional makeup artists in the industry and is now involved with teaching the courses offered in the academy. They are highly qualified with years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in the craft, which will provide guidance and advice throughout your course.

With makeup you can change everything - you can give someone a totally new “identity”, a new look and even help someone to morph into a whole new persona. It is all about artistic illusion, and with the right creative makeup, a great escape from the norm and beyond. Above all, it is a brilliant way to express ourselves freely and explore unknown territories with all these possibilities, which are vital elements and techniques required of a professional makeup artist. Our experiences in these areas have given us great pleasure, with exciting and rewarding challenges in our profession, working with all areas of makeup and with people from all segments of the creative world.
It has always been our dream to train the up-and-coming makeup artists, and we are ready to impart with what we have learned from the industry here. There is a lot more to just makeup - we believe that the right approach of being an artist encompasses a few factors which includes having the right attitude and creative skills, and also the ability to remain professional and serious about your responsibilities in this profession! 
Our academy is an institution that welcomes you to the world of creative cosmetics and the latest techniques with our various backgrounds and experiences in the different fields of work. We believe that our students will gain great knowledge of the industry from our various lecturers, thus having more than one option to creative solutions. Our instructors are experts in the areas of fashion, print, TV commercials, film, and special effects.